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Your All-In-One Guide During a Car Lockout

artesia locksmith (562) 453-1536It was a normal Monday morning as I woke up, got ready for work and by 6am, I was out the door. I left a few minutes early because I needed to stop and fill up at the gas station. I then pulled up to the corner gas station and parked next to the only open pump available. The place was pretty busy.

I Locked My Keys In The Car

Rushing to get in and out of the store, I locked my keys in the car on accident, not realizing till I had gotten to the cashier that I hadn’t heard my keys jiggling. I walked back to the car and to no surprise, there were my keys, just taunting me on the passenger seat.

Crying Wasn’t Going To Help Open The Door

Frustrated and overwhelmed, it took me a couple of minutes to become fully aware of the situation. “I locked my keys in the car” I told a passer by and with a shoulder shrug, I began to cry. Crying wasn’t going to help open the door. So I went back inside and asked the cashier for help as if he had a universal key that opened every car door. No surprise, he was of no help.

After a couple of attempts of D.I.Y. (do it yourself), I finally had to call a locksmith. Here is an All-In-One Guide to keep you sane if, god forbid, you ever find yourself in the same situation.

• Don’t panic. Calm down and become aware of the situation.
• Take inventory of what you have (anything in your pockets or even shoe laces). Anything you can possibly use to prop the lock up or push the unlock button in your car.
• A wire coat hanger
• A slim Jim
• Calling your significant other for the spare key
• If all else fails, call a locksmith

Locksmiths Artesia, The Failsafe Artesia Locksmith

It can feel overwhelming and hopeless when you’re locked out of your car. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call an Rubicon Locksmith Artesia right away if you’re having trouble. Locksmiths are trained professionals who unlock doors and valuables every day, which therefore makes them the most qualified people you can call in a situation like this. Save yourself time and money, call Rubicon Locksmith Artesia now.

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